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Sport Fishing Laws in Puerto Rico

1. Types of fishing allowed:

You are only allowed to catch fish with a line and hook.

You may use up to 3 hooks on a line or 3 hooks on a lure at a time.

2.Types of fishing not allowed.

It is prohibited to spear fish with a spear gun or any spear of any type.  Using any type of net fishing in fresh water bodies is also prohibited. Using fish traps is also prohibited in fresh water bodies.  Fishing with explosives of any type is prohibited.  Fishing with any chemicals, poisons,  or any substances is prohibited.  It is prohibited to have or sell any fish caught with these methods.   

It is prohibited to throw trash or deposit any oils, acids or poisions or any substance that may harm the fish, shell fish, shrimp or any living matter in any fresh water body in Puerto Rico.

Commercial selling of fresh water fish is prohibited.  

Fishing Limits for Fresh Water.  

You are allowed only 12 Large Mouth Bass a day and they must be at least 12 inches long each.  You are allowed only 8 Peacock Bass a day and they must be at least 12 inches long each.

Boat Laws.

Skiing and Jet Ski water crafts is prohibited in all lakes in Puerto Rico.  The limit for boat motors on all  boats or water crafts is 30 horsepower.  Law #48, June 27, 1986, Article 12

All boats or water crafts that are found in the waters of Puerto Rico must have a lawful registered numbered and named with the DRNA,  Departmento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment)..  The registered number/code and the name of the boat must be in 4 inch letters in a contrast color of the boat so that it can be viewed from a distance, the code and numbers go on the front sides of the boat and the name  goes on the back sides of the boat,  both the front and back codes must have 2 inches of space from the reg. number.   This registration is renewed each year.   There is a exception of registration for small canoes (non-motor types) and  kayaks.  According to the Articles 22 and 24 of the law.

All persons on board a boat or water craft must wear Coast Guard approved life vises.  All motorized water crafts must carry oars, a emergency whistle or horn.  All boats that are used at night must have appropriate lights, one green and red signal light up front and a bright white light at the back of the boat or water craft, the boat must also have a emergency fire extinguisher.

All persons/navigators born after 1972 have to take a Navigation Classes with the Dept. (DRN).  Those that were born before 1972 should have a driver's license with the boats registration on hand. 

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